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Last adaptation to the version: 2.3.0 (16.4.2019)

  • Expired licenses are now marked and no more actions are possible with these licenses
  • The portal is now also available in English
  • Notifications in the right sidebar.

The first login


Dashboard with notifications in sidebar right

The AV Portal must be authorized to access the Reseller Portal. The AV Portal requires access for:

  • Show User
  • Accounts anzeigen
  • Display licenses

Confirm message with Authorize

AV Webinar

Tutorial Webinar

After first login an introductory webinar is displayed. We recommend that you watch this video before making any settings in the AV Portal.

Conversion of the configuration profiles

Conversion of the configuration profiles

Due to the conversion to our Securepoint Antivirus Pro Portal 2.0, the already created MSI and mail notification profiles cannot be transferred.

In this message window, you can create a default profile and assign it to all existing groups.

New groups (e.g. for new licenses) are not taken into account afterwards.

The AV Portal

Structure AV Portal

The AV portal is structured in such a way that the reseller is at the top of the hierarchy.

The reseller has customers who have at least one Antivirus Pro license.

Each license has a (main) group. The name can be chosen arbitrarily and any number of subgroups can be created.

A group can contain any number of devices and is linked to a configuration profile.


Overview Dashboard

The dashboard in the AV Portal is the home page.

All important information is displayed here at a glance. In addition to infected devices, this includes devices that are not up-to-date due to missing updates, licenses that have already expired and those that are about to expire.
Wiki Dashbord


Overview of license information

In the license overview you can manage the licenses and download the installation file. Within the license the devices are displayed which were installed with the license key.

Wiki Licences


Overview of the devices

In the device overview all devices can be managed which are installed and assigned to the own or the customer license. Several devices can be moved at the same time and the most important device information is displayed.

Wiki Devices

Action log

  Action log
Action log

All activities performed in the portal are displayed in the action log.
Action log


Overview of groups

The groups can be used to differentiate between different areas, locations or departments. If a configuration profile has been assigned to a group, an MSI with the settings stored in the configuration profile can be downloaded for this license. If no configuration profile has been assigned, the MSI is only downloaded with the accepted license agreements and the TID.

Wiki Groups

Configuration profiles

  Configuration profiles
Overview of the Configuration Profiles

In the configuration profile overview you can create new configuration profiles as well as manage existing ones. A configuration profile is used to set up the MSI preconfiguration and notifications. Furthermore, a configuration profile can be assigned to an owner, thus it is also possible for an end customer to access this configuration profile, if it has been selected accordingly.

Configuration Profiles


Overview of users

Users can be invited and managed in the user administration.
Wiki AV Portal User

User profile

  User profile
User profile

User profile
Master data can be changed in the user profile (e.g. e-mail address or language of the portal) and a read-only access can be created.
Wiki user profile