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Operation and configuration scope of the devices in the Mobile Security Portal

Last adaptation to the version: 1.5.5 (04.2021)


  • Possible operations adapted to Google specifications

Technical requirements

For proper operation, compatibility must be ensured.


introductory remarks

This wiki article explains how to create and manage devices in the Mobile Security Portal.
Devices are basically divided according to the operating system:   iOS or   Android

Overview of device management

Device management

General Options

Filter displayed devices



The search criteria can be filtered by
Specific properties:
all Store-account
Model User
Owner Profile
Phone Tags

  Send invite
Send invite
Sends an invitation email to one or more recipients with a QR-Code' (Android and iOS), an alternative Enrollment ID (Android only) and detailed instructions on how to register the device. See the article on the Enrollment for details.
  Enroll new device

See article: Enrollment Android bzw. Enrollment iOS
You have reached the device limit

In order to add additional devices, additional licenses must be purchased.
Filter devices
  Filter devices

Switch between 'Show registered devices only' and 'Show all devices'.
Show details

Show / hide details: For a large number of devices, it can be helpful to hide the display of the most important details.
List view / Grid view

Switch between list and grid view.

Refresh the display

Device Options

The button at the top right of each device tile provides the following options depending on the status of the device:

  Show details (see below) (only if already configured)

  Download profile (iOS only) The profile to which this device is assigned can be downloaded. If the profile on the device has been deleted, it can be manually transferred to the device and reinstalled there.
  Delete Removes the device from the portal.
Caution: If an iOS device is removed from the portal while it is in Lost mode, it can only be unlocked with proof of purchase directly from Apple!


Device status

Display top left in the device tile:

Device type



unknown (only for non-configured devices)

Device status
logged in

logged out: The connection to the MDM was terminated:

iOS: The MDM profile has been removed from the device in the settings.
Android: The device management on the device was removed in the settings.

Device alias: Customizable(a0a0 internal ID) Edit with

Integration mode: Supervised Unsupervised  Lost New

Details displayed in the device tile:
Caption Description
  model e.g: Apple - iPad (6th generation) - iOS 12.1.3
  Serial number 123456abcdef
  IMEI 123456789012345
  Ownership COPE (Corperate owned, Personal enabled) or BYOD
  Phone Telephone number: N/A
  Store-Account active / inactive. Shows whether a login was detected in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  Users User With you can select a user created in the user administration.
  Profiles Profile assigned to this device
  Tags Associated tags
  Contact xy hours / days / months ago. With

Device Details


Entry Values
Device status
  Battery Level N/A Display only after a manual update
  Storage Capacity N/A

Device Summary
  Device ID 1234abcd-5678-abcd-efab-123
  Device Type model
  model Phone69
  Manufacturer Manufacturer
  IMEI 123456789012345
  OS Android (7.1.2)
  Agent 51 | 1.2.6
  Serial number 1a1a1a1a1a1a

Network Summary
  Phone +491500000000
  Network Operator e.g.: Telekom.de
  Bluetooth-MAC 0a:0a:0a:0a:0a:0a
  WIFI MAC 0b:0b:0b:0b:0b:0b
  Roaming Enabled No

  Buyed on N/A
  Warranty ends on N/A
  External inventory link N/A


Entry Value Description

Bill number Bill number Bill number
Bill date Choose a date Bill date
Warranty starts on Choose a date Warranty start
Warranty ends on Wählen Sie ein Datum}} Warranty end
External inventory link URL Set link to inventory software
Description Description Device description

Provider Provider The name of the provider
Tariff Tariff Tariff
Customer number Customer number Customer number
Contract number Contract number Contract number
Conclusion Wählen Sie ein Datum}} Conclusion
Contract term Contract term (In months)Link= Contract term (In months)
Handover Wählen Sie ein Datum}} Handover

When changes are made:   Save


available for Device Operations Description
  Enable Lost Mode
When the 'Lost Mode' is activated, a customizable message is sent to the device.
The device is locked. Unlocking only possible via the portal. iOS only
There are also two additional buttons:
  Localize Only available if the device is logged in as COPE.
Only available if the device is logged in as »Supervised«.
  • The device is located via GPS and displayed on a map.
  • A message 'Your device has been located' appears on the device.

  Klingelton starten
  • A ringtone is played on the device.

  Lock Locks the device. Unlocking is possible using the authentication methods stored in the device (PIN, password, etc.).

  Reboot Performs a reboot of the device
  Shutdown Shut down the device
  Clear password Only available if the device is logged in as COPE.
Removes the password to unlock the device.
  Wipe Data Only available if the device is logged in as COPE.
Resets the device and restores the delivery configuration.

To perform a factory reset for Android devices, the device tile must be deleted.

This tab is only available if the device is logged in as COPE.
Applications on the device

A list of all installed applications.
The first time it is displayed it may take several minutes.

Caption Description
 Search Filters the entries
Name Display name on the mobile device. '(sortable)
Version Version number '(sortable)
Package Package name '(sortable)
View permissions displays all permissions used by this app. '(sortable)
Send uninstall request Prompts the device user to uninstall the app.


Caption Description
 Search Filters the entries
Profile Display of the assigned profile
Part Profiles consist of two parts: restrictions and security
Actions Revoke

Operations log
  Operations log
Operations log

Caption Description
 Search Filters the entries
Date (sortable)
Type Status Type: Status, App Uninstall Request, App_List, Profile_List, INSTALL_PROFILE_RESTRICTIONS, INSTALL_PROFILE_PASSCODE, Lock
Direction <- Transfer from device to server
-> Transfer from server to device
Status Status messages
Info Information on error messages
Actions Possible actions