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The ownership status of iOS devices has a significant impact on the feature set

Last adaption: 11.2019

The connection of iOS-devices to the Securepoint mobile Security Portal can be done

  • with an app via invitation mail in unsupervised mode
  • via the device registration directly in the portal in supervised mode
  • or via Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

This adds the device to the portal.

Login to the portal

The device is now displayed in the portal with the status not configured. The enrollment must be completed by clicking on the device tile.

Device Alias

For better identification, the device should be given an alias name:
a0a0 (4-digit ID) (in the upper part of the device tile)

Ownership Selection

There are two different installation options for the Securepoint Mobile Security App, which result in significant differences in administration:

Owner 'COPE
  • The following functions are additionally available in the device administration in the Mobile Security Portal:
  Localize Only available if the device has been registered in supervised mode.
at: Operations  =>   Enable Lost Mode
  Clear password   at: Operations
  Wipe Data at: Operations  : Deletion of personal data

  Applications   Monitoring of installed apps, installation, deinstallation
Owner BYOD Standard functional range.
  • no localization
  • No way to remove the local device password
  • No deletion of personal data
  • No control for installed apps


Terms of License and Ownership
Ownership Selection between
COPE (Corperate owned, Personal enabled)

BYOD (Bring‑Your‑Own‑Device)

With BYOD additionally:

User Device user from the user administration.

The user cannot be changed afterwards for BYOD devices.
Accept the terms of the license and privacy policy
  agree Accepting and saving the settings
Displays the updated properties.