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Information and settings in the Info menu in the Securepoint Mobile Security Portal

Stand: 04.2019



An Apple Push certificate is required to push apps and settings on iOS devices.

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) enables devices to be linked directly to the MDM via the serial number. It is then no longer necessary to connect and reset the device to a MAC. The connection is made automatically during initial setup.

The following information is linked to the license and can only be changed by Securepoint:
Account name
Customer No.
Tenant domain This information is required for a customer login !

The following settings can be made:
Apple Push Certificate expiry September 30, 2020 10:02 AM Update certificate

Opens a dialog with step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download your "certificate signing request" file (.csr) Download file
  2. Upload your .csr file to the Apple Push Certificate Portal to download your Apple Push Certificate.
  3. Enter the Apple ID that you used to create your certificate: Apple-ID

  4. Upload your Apple Push Certificate (MDM_Securepoint GmbH_Certificate.pem): Choose a file
Apple DEP-Token expiry Not set Update DEP-Token
  1. Download your Apple Push Certificate (securepoint-mobile-security-apple-push-certificate-975606.sms .pem): Download file
  2. Upload your .pem file to the Apple Device Enrollment Program to generate your DEP token file (.p7m).
  3. Upload your DEP token file (.p7m): Choose a file

Note: Tokens expire after one year and must be renewed in time.

Time zone (GMT) Western European TimeLink= Select a time zone



Display of the licences used

Status: (without) valid license

expired   expired license




In the standard settings of the Securepoint Mobile Security the devices are not pseudonymized in the statistics.
Changes to these settings and depseudonymization in the statistics are logged and can be viewed in this dialog.

Pseudonymisation activated   

Date Message
March2019 , 26, 04:23 PM Device "904bec7d-9440-465f-86f3-b7fb4e8c8918" was depseudonymized by the administrator "Admin-Name"' and auditor "Our_Auditor".
March 2019 , 26, 04:21 PM Privacy level was changed to "1" by the administrator "Admin-Name".
March 2019, 26, 04:15 PM Privacy level was changed to "0" by the administrator "Admin-Name". Reason: a good reason