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Description of the requirements for using Securepoint Mobile Security.

Last change: 04.2019

The products of Securepoint GmbH are sold exclusively through authorized resellers.

  • Registered resellers can get a license created for a customer by our sales department or select a company in the reseller portal for an existing or new customer in the tab customers: Kunden and create a License with Lizenz erstellen.

  • The license is then assigned to the customer and to the reseller.

  • Resellers can view, select, and edit all customers assigned to them with valid licenses in their Mobile Security Portal when they   with their reseller account credentials.

  • Customers can get an access that only shows their own configurations:
    • Login Portal
    • Sign in with your Securepoint Mobile Security account

    •  Tenent Domain can be found in the portal at   Account /   Infos / customer's domain e.g. 123456.sms

    •  Username By the reseller created user, to whom the role admin was assigned.

    •  Password Password stored in the portal in the user configuration.

    •    The login data can be stored in a cookie.