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Configurations in the Apps Menu in the Securepoint Mobile Security Portal

Last adaptation to the version: 1.4.8 (09.2019)


  • Copy and paste of apps (since v.1.4.8 09.2019)
  • Due to Google policy: No more own APKs possible


This wiki article explains how to deploy apps in the Mobile Security Portal and how to request installation on the device. The created users refer to the company structure of the demo customer. TTT-Point AG.

Overview of the app administration


In the App Overview new apps can be added, existing ones edited and deleted. You can also install and uninstall the apps for the corresponding devices, users, groups and tags. The view of the apps can be displayed in the list or tile view. You can also view details of existing apps and update the list.

General Options

Filter displayed apps
 Filter  Search

The search criteria can be filtered by specific properties:

All   OS
Roles Users
Devices Tags

Add app
  Add app
Stellt eine App im Portal bereit.
Install apps
  Apps installieren
dialog to install all properly configured apps.
Import app
  Import profiles
Provides a (company-owned) app in the portal that is not downloaded via the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.
Show details
Show / hide details: For a lot of apps, it can be helpful to hide the display of the most important details.
List view / Grid view
Switch between lists and grid view.
Refresh the display

App Options

The button at the top right of each App tile provides the following options:

  Edit (see below)
  Export Exports all settings for this app to a file
 Kopieren Copying the app/apps to the clipboard
  Install Installs this app on the corresponding configured devices
Uninstalls this app on the configured devices
  Delete Removes the app from the portal.

Details displayed in the app tile:

  Roles Roles User
  Users User Installation on all devices assigned to a user with this role.
  Devices Devices Devices on which this app is to be installed.
  Tags Tags Installation on all devices associated with this tag.

Copy & paste of apps

Click on the logo of the app tile to mark it. In the general options, another field now appears under the filter mask.

Action for selected items  Please choose Execute the selected action with Ok
 Copy Copies one or more selected apps to the clipboard.
 Delete Deletes one or more selected apps
New button   Paste Inserts a copy of an app-configuration from the clipboard.
This also works from one tenant / customer to another as long as they are assigned to the same reseller account.   AnyIdeas GmbH

Add app

An app can be added using the   Add App button.
The app can be linked to devices, roles, users and tags. You can also upload your own icon (JPEG or PNG). With the selection of the platform also different sources are available.

General information


Caption Field Description
Name Name with which the app is displayed in the Mobile Security Portal.
Operating system iOS or Android Operating system of the App
Devices Add devices The app is assigned to these devices. Only devices with suitable operating systems can be selected.
User Add User Die App wird allen Geräten von diesen Benutzern zugewiesen.
Roles Add roles The app is assigned to all devices by all users with these roles.
Tags Add Tags The app will be assigned to all devices with these tags.
Icon You can select an icon for this app (JPEG or PNG) to be displayed in the app tile.
Comment Comment Description of the app

iOS Profile

Caption Selection Description
Source iTunes Store ID iTunes Store ID 1436024470 Example for the Securepoint Mobile Security App
or Identifier de.securepoint.ms.agent
Example for the Securepoint Mobile Security App
or Manifest URL URL that can be used to download the app without the app store.
Take management    Activation is necessary to delete the app remotely.

Android Profile


Caption Description
Source Package Name de.securepoint.ms.agent Example for the Securepoint Mobile Security App
An installation of self-hosted APKs is not allowed according to Google policy.


Edit App

By clicking on the app tile or with /   Edit, the settings of the app can be edited.

All fields listed in the   Add App section can be edited.

Delete App

The app can be removed from the portal by /   Delete.

The deletion must be confirmed. Deletion options:
Remove without uninstalling Removes the app from the portal. Installations on devices remain.
Uninstall and Delete removes the app from the portal and simultaneously from all installed devices.

Install App

A single app can be installed by /   Install The device user will be prompted to install the app (Android) or to install without user interaction (iOS), respectively.

Uninstall App

A single app can be uninstalled by   / ⨯ Uninstall on the associated devices (by users, devices, roles or tags). The device user will be prompted to uninstall the app (Android) or uninstall without user interaction (iOS).