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Creating and managing groups in the Mobile Security Portal

Last adaptation to the version: 1.4.6 (03.2019)


  • Adjustment through layout changes
  • Description of the roles admin and auditor.

Overview of Role Administration

Overview of Role Administration

Overview of roles

New roles can be created, existing ones edited and deleted in the role overview. The view of the roles can be displayed in the list or tile view. You can also view details of existing roles and update the list of roles.

General Options

 Suche Search for specific character strings in role names
  Add Role s.u.

Show / hide details: For a large number of roles, it can be useful to hide the display of the linked users for the sake of clarity.

Switch between lists and grid view.

Refresh the display

Role Options

With the button at the top right of each roll tile, the following options are available:

  Edit View and change role settings. For details, see Add Role.
  Delete Deletes the roll. The deletion must be confirmed with OK.

Add roles

  Add roles creates a new role. The following information can be entered for this:

role name
role name

comment Optional

User Optional


Special roles


Users with the role admin can login to the portal and do all changes there!

The role 'admin is default and cannot be deleted.


For DSGVO-compliant use, it is necessary to activate pseudonymization under   Account /   Privacy.

Um in den Statistiken Pseudonymisierte Geräte zu depseudonymisieren ist ein Auditor notwendig.