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Creating and managing users in the Mobile Security Portal

Last adaptation to the version: 1.5.3 (07.2020)



Users can be connected directly to a device or role.
Users can also be assigned to a profile or an app.

If you have a large number of devices and users, it is recommended that you map the assignment using roles.

When using BYOD, a user must be assigned to a device.

Overview of the user administration

Overview of the user administration

In the user overview, new users can be created, existing ones edited and deleted. The view of the users can be displayed in the list or tile view. In addition, details on existing users can be displayed and the list of users can be updated.

General options

Field / Button Description:
 Search Search for specific character strings in user names
  Add user The following information can be entered:
User Import and Export
 Export .csv
Exports the user data to a file: Securepoint_MobileSecurity_users.csv
The file contains the fields (comma separated):
 Import .csv Imports user data in .csv format. A header line with the field names is required:
"username", "firstname", "lastname", "password", "email", "comment" (optional), "roles" (optional)
The order of the fields is irrelevant.

Show / hide details: If you have a large number of users, it can be useful for clarity to hide the display of the linked roles and devices.

Switch between lists and grid view.

Refreshing the display

User Options

The button in the upper right corner of each user tile provides the following options:

Edit User

  Edit View and change user settings. For details, see Add User.
  Delete Deletes the user from the portal. The deletion must be confirmed with OK.

Add user

  Add user The following information can be entered:

caption: Description:
Username Unique user name
Password A password must be assigned. The password may be used to log on as administrator. At least 5 characters.
confirm password To avoid typing errors please repeat the password manually.
(Yes, copy and paste is faster. But typing errors will not be noticed!)
First name At least 2 characters
Last name At least 2 characters
Email a valid email address to which an invitation to the portal can be sent
Roles Optional
Comment Optional