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Import and manage certificates for retrieving email from an Exchange server via https


  • Note on use for self-signed apps
  • Reference to assignment of the certificates to devices

Last adaptation to the version: (07.2020)


Certificates are required to retrieve emails from an Exchange server using https or to confirm the authenticity of self-signed apps.

In the section   Certificate Base-64 encoded X.509 certificates can be imported from Exchange servers.

General options

Certificates Administration

Certificates Filtering

Search Filter to display only certain certificates
  Add certificate (see below)

Show details

Show / hide details: If you have a large number of certificates, it may be useful to hide the display of the most important details.

List view / grid view

Switch between lists and grid view.


Refreshing the display

Certificate Options

Show details


The button at the top right of each certificate tile provides the following options:

  Show details Show certificate details
  Delete The certificate is deleted.


Details in the overview:

 Typ: x.509
 CN: exchange
 DN: CN=exchange

Show certificate

Display certificate: Information on the certificate used.

Name Certificate name
Typ mandatory X.509
CN Certificate name
Nicht vor Validity of the certificate from
Nicht nach Validity of the certificate until
Common Name Defined Common Name of the certificate

Add certificate

Export in Exchange Server

These certificates must be exported to the Exchange server first.

Certificate export to MS Exchange

Start certificate management on the Exchange server: (mmc console → add snap-in → certificates → computer account)

Section Certificates → Own certificates → Certificates :
Right click on the applicable certificate for the Exchange server
(NOT the CA!) context menu: All tasks / Export

The certificate export wizard starts. ( Here with Windows Server 2012, german language )

Import in MobileSecurity

The file must not be saved with the Windows program Notepad after opening it!

Line breaks are inserted, which make it impossible to import the certificate.

Add certificate

 Add certificate

Name Description_of_the_certificate_ in_MobileSecurity
(May not contain spaces)
Datei Select file


Assigning a certificate to a device

The assignment to a device is done within a profile in the tab Certificates