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Outlook-Plugin for UMA NG v3

Last adaptation to the version: 2.1.0 (07.2020)

Previous versions: 1.0.9


    • Only from UMA NG v3 on
    • from Outlook 2010
    • from Windows 7 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5©


  • Import of individual mails, folders or mail accounts from the context menu
  • Automatic wildcard addition for the search
  • Support for Outlook 2019


No special preparations are necessary.

  • When using Outlook beta versions, display errors may occur in the ribbon.

  • Downloading the UMA Outlook plugin

    The plugin is available in the reseller portal in the section Downloads / Tools for download as .msi or .exe.

    Installation of the UMA Outlook plugin

    • Start .msi or .exe file and acknowledge the UAC message
    • Selecting the language for wizard
    • The IP address or host name of the UMA must be specified.
    • During the installation of the plugin, the registry key BypassSSLNoCacheCheck with the value 1 is added under the following registry path:These settings are required to download test reports or individual mails. Otherwise you will get an error message "getdocument.cgi cannot be downloaded"
      HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
      The key will not be deleted during uninstallation.

    First start

    The certificate of the UMA must be accepted

    The certificate for the plugin (issued by sales@securepoint.de) must be accepted.

    At the first start a certificate error and a security warning is displayed. You have to accept

    • the certificate for the plugin and
    • the certificate for the UMA



    Menu structure

    UMA Outlook Plugin Menu

    After opening Outlook, another menu item appears with the name UMA E-mail Archive.
    The functions appearing below are explained below.

    • Securepoint UMA email archive   
      Searches the UMA email archive for specific terms.
      The search can be limited to specific object types using the buttons on the right.
    • Automatically add wildcards to search words
      Neu ab Plugin Version 2.1 Automatically adds a wildcard to the end of the search term.
      The search term message will then also find messages'.

    Button Description:
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Einstellungen-Icon.png
    In the section UMA/Appliance the IP address or the hostname that was specified during the installation is already listed.

    In the section User Data the user name for 'access to UMA and the corresponding password is entered.
    Only emails associated with the user specified here will be searched and displayed.

    UMA Plugin v2.0 Einstellungen-en.PNG
    With the button Test the credentials are checked.
    The certificate of the UMA must be accepted at the first call.
    Afterwards you will receive the message "No connection to the host". A new test then returns the message "User data has been successfully verified. Save these settings
    [[Datei: ]]
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Mail-Icon.png
    The display or the search result is limited to emails.
    All filters apply to the user defined in the Settings menu. If another account configured in Outlook was previously displayed, the filter will still be applied to emails stored on the UMA for the user configured in the Plugin.
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Mail-Ansicht-en.PNG
    UMA Plugin v2.0 MailGE-en.PNG
    By clicking on the small triangle below the e-mail button, you can limit the display to sent or received emails.
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Dokumente-Icon.png
    Filters the display to documents based on the MIME types in the emails.
    The file name and date of receipt are displayed under each document.
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Dokumente-Ansicht-en.PNG
      Show file details Additionally shows the sender of the email and the document size
    Displays the email associated with the document.
    Enables the document to be downloaded.
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Bilder-Icon.png
    Filters the display to images based on the MIME types in the emails.
    The file name and date of receipt are displayed under each image.
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Bilder-Ansicht-en.PNG
      Show file details Additionally shows the sender of the email, the file size and the dimensions (in pixels).
    Displays the email associated with the image.
    Allows you to download the image.
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Alles-Icon.png
    In this view, all emails are output.
    With this view, each Mime type is evaluated as a separate element. If an email contains several Mime-types, the email will appear several times in the display.
    Modern email clients like Outlook, send an email with several different MIME types. On the one hand, this ensures that mails can be viewed not only via an email client, but also via browsers or other applications. On the other hand, it offers the possibility to make the content and the layout of an e-mail more appealing (e.g. size and font cut).

    In this way, an email is sent not only with the information of the MIME type text/plain, but also with the information of the type text/html. This already creates two entries for the same email.
    Additional MIME type entries are created by signatures and images that are present in the e-mail. Attachments of different file types with images and documents also create additional MIME type entries.

    Further information about MIME can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIME.
    UMA Plugin v2.1 Text-icon.PNG
    The display or search result is limited to .txt files and their contents.
    Advanced search
    UMA PLugin v2.0 erwSuche-Icon.png
    Advanced search
    With this search function it is possible to create complex search patterns to find the desired email. [[Datei: ]]
    A search term can be entered in the search field. With a click on the button + further search criteria are added.
    Here you can select shortcuts (AND, OR, NOT) and prefixes (e.g. From:, To:, Subject:) for the search and limit the search to file types and categories.
    Explanations and examples can also be found in the integrated help via the button ? in the upper right corner of the window.
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Suchmaske-en.PNG
    UMA PLugin v2.0 Restore-Icon.png
    It is possible to restore from the UMA archive any emails that are no longer available locally because they may have been deleted.

    The email must be marked with the checkbox (in the search results column in the upper left corner at the beginning of each mail) and can then be restored in a folder of your choice by clicking the UMA PLugin v2.0 Restore-Icon.png button. After confirming the button OK the message (or messages) will be in the desired folder.

    UMA Plugin v2.0 Wiederherstellen-en.PNG
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Fehler.PNG
    Only selectable in menu "email"
    Shows information about emails that have caused errors in the long-term archive.
    Individual mails can be marked and downloaded in .eml format.
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Fehler herunterladen.PNG


    Enables various actions:
     Download email Allows you to download the email as an .eml file.
     Editing attributes Emails can be assigned to categories, which can be filtered in the search.
     Make relevant to searches Increases the relevance of similar documents and texts in the search
     Evidence Report Shows an evidence report for this mail, which confirms with a timestamp since when this mail has been unchanged. In addition, further information about possible signatures of the email is displayed.

    Import via context menu

    UMA Plugin v2.0 Import-Kontext--icon.PNG Via context menu (right click) it is possible to import single emails, folders or whole email accounts into the UMA.
    The import is done into the account the Outlook plugin is logged into the UMA with, even if the source belongs to another email account!

    Error messages

    Known problems and their elimination

    Message Possible cause Solution

    Proxy problems

    [SESSION INVALID messages during loading] If a system proxy has been set, the login will be loaded directly, but all subsequent web interface parts will be loaded via the proxy.
    This will result in the session not being valid.
    An exception for the UMA must be defined in the proxy settings.

    Error message when viewing a test report or downloading a mail

    Web browser: getdocument.cgi from uma-name cannot be downloaded Error message when viewing a test report or downloading a mail.
    If all of the following conditions are met, this error may occur: The installer of the plugin is built with a 32-bit platform. Therefore on 64-bit systems it will write the value to the key under HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings.
    • A 64-bit Internet Explorer is used to display the UMA web pages
    • Plugin has been installed by admin account for multiple / other users
      ( The key BypassSSLNoCacheCheck is not installed under HKEY_Current_User\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings written for other users)
    • The check mark "Do not save encrypted pages on the data medium" is ticked.
    The Internet Explorer requires permission to download encrypted pages: Call up Internet Options (call up directly with this term via the search field, or in the Internet Explorer settings). On the Advanced tab, deactivate the checkbox at Do not save encrypted pages on disk.. → Plugin-Prüfbericht-Fehler webbrowser-en.PNG
    UMA Plugin v2.0 Internetoptionen-en.PNG