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Overview of the compatibility of different mail servers with the Securepoint UMA as a Service

Last adaption: 09.2020

The aim of this document is to present an overview of mail servers that are widespread on the market and their integration possibilities for email archiving with the Securepoint UMA as a Service.

If a project is planned with a mail system not listed here, our support should be contacted in advance.

Mailserver Version Result Remarks
Microsoft Exchange 2003 FAILED EOL IMAP server of the Exchange keeps crashing. Technical implementation otherwise possible in principle.
Microsoft Exchange 2007 FAILED EOL Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling


Microsoft Exchange 2010 OK EOL Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling


Microsoft Exchange 2013 OK Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling Standard journaling should be used.


Microsoft Exchange 2016 OK Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling Standard journaling should be used.


Microsoft Exchange 2019 OK Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling Standard journaling should be used.


Microsoft Exchange Online OK Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling Standard journaling should be used.


Office 365 - OK Wiki article Office 365 Mailboxjournal / Message-Only Journaling An external IMAP / POP journal must be used
Tobit David From V10 FAILED A forwarding to external mail addresses (journaling) is not possible with Tobit
MDaemon All OK
Kerio All OK Wiki article Kerio Connect archive mailbox
IBM Notes 7 FAILED -
IBM Notes 8 OK IBM Notes
IBM Notes 9 OK IBM Notes
Sendmail All OK Possible with appropriate Milter
Postfix From 2.3 OK
Hosted Exchange - OK * Forwarding rules per user or a journal must be created manually. Provider must provide IMAP interface.
AMTANGEE Email Connectivity Service 5.5 OK Forwarding rules per user must be created manually.
IceWarp Server 12 OK Forwarding rules must be defined
hMailServer From 5.6 OK
POP3 / IMAP Konten - FAILED * Forwarding rules per user usually not completely possible.

  • *Note on hosted solutions such as Hosted Exchange, POP3 and IMAP accounts. These can be used if the provider allows server-side forwarding rules to be defined for each letterbox for incoming and outgoing emails. Furthermore, it is usually necessary to configure an additional letterbox that has not been used so far. This letterbox receives a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails and is retrieved by the Securepoint UMA in HUB mode. The users must then usually be entered locally on the UMA - i.e. manually. For a more detailed explanation, refer to UMA without Mail Server.

  • This list represents a non-binding compilation of information and is not a functional description or guarantee of functionality.