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Categories marked with are also available in the Intelligent Cloud Shield.

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Caption Description ID ICS
Casting Pages relating to models, casting, actors and singers -
Pornography and erotics Pornographic or primarily sexual content
Open image search Image- and video search engines including pornographic search but without 'safe search' switch -
Erotic risk Reputable websites with potential pornographic content. No porn- or erotic sites -
Weapons Gun shops, military souvenirs, military content, marksmanship, hunting
Rotten Extremely bloody, call for or hints on murder, suicide and violence, disgusting content
BPJM parental safety Content not suitable for children or adolescents according to German BPjM regulation
Games Pages related to gaming, gambling, games to download, online games, lottery
Blogs and communities Chats, blogs, forums, boards and communities for any topic -
Events Cultural performances, tickets, events, leisure time activities -
Investments Stocks, bonds, credits, insurances, investments and banking -
Dubious money making Make money fast, earn money, get rich, equity holdings
Education Education, schools, universities, colleges -
Health and beauty Health and beauty topics, wellness, diet, cosmetics, clinics, doctors and medical info, clothes and fashion -
House and garden Home, decoration, furniture, gardening and plants, do-it-yourself, hobbies -
Download Software downloads, file downloads, pages offering downloads of any kind -
Computers Computer advisors, computer technology, computer topics -
Remote maintenance Software for remote administration, desktop sharing -
Hacking Pages regarding hacking, warez, building malware, subscription scams
Threat Intelligence Feed Currently dangerous URLs (phishing, malware, botnets, crimeware etc.)
Danger Threat Intelligence Feed
Proxy Anon proxies and proxy lists
Communication E-Mail providers, SMS and mobile phone services, communication services, provider -
Social bookmarking Bookmark services for the WWW -
People search Find people, ancestry research -
Social networks Social networks
Jobs Find work, jobs, job offerings and trainee programs -
News Daily news, celebrity news and news of any sort -
Dating Dating, find friends, looking for a partner, fall in love
Dictionaries Dictionaries, references, translators, bundled information -
Directories Internet portals and search engines -
Religion and occult Religion, occult, astrology, esoteric content, horoscopes, ideology, conspiracy theories -
Shopping Shopping sites, buy online -
Auctions Internet auctions, want ads and sell ads
Real estate Real estate, houses, apartments, land for sale, rentals -
Food and beverages Recipes and food, nutrition tips and restaurants -
Sports Sports of any kind, fan sites, sport clubs -
Travel Travel, online booking, last-minute travels, travel information -
Vehicles Vehicles of any kind, car magazines, boating, planes, motorcycles, bicycles -
Humor Humorous and funny pages -
Video and images Video downloads, films, life streams, comics, cinema and theatre, show images -
Audio Audio/music downloads, listen to music, music news, bands -
Children Babys and children, raising kids -
Animals Animal tips and hints, breeding -
Consumer technology Home entertainment, electronics, reviews on cameras, mobiles phones, MP3-players -
Shortener URL shorteners
Ad server Ad server and services
Updates and important services Servers for software updates and important services, to be used as a special allowlist -
Tracking strict Servers that track private information by observing activities on web sites
Parked websites Unused domains which are currently for sale -
Spam domains Domains used for sending spam e-mails -
Allow Serious pages, public and corporation-/company sites, technical services which shouldn't be blocked -