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Access to an UTM


  • Description added user with root privileges for SSH access (08.2020)

Keyboard and screen on the UTM

UTM v11.8.7 Login-direkt.png

The built-in VGA port and a USB port allow direct access to the UTM with monitor and keyboard:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: insecure

web interface

Open the web interface via the IP address of the UTM (factory setting: and the according port

Administration Interface

UTM v11.8.7 Login-Admin-en.png

  • Administration Web Interface: Port 11115 (Factory Default)

    Setting in Menu → Network →Appliance SettingsTab Appliance Settings
    Box ╭╴Webserver╶╮ Administration Webinterface Port: 11115Link=

Factory setting:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: insecure
In the factory settings, the admin interface is only accessible via the 'internal network (eth1).
Change in menu → Network →Appliance SettingsTab Administration Button Add IP/ Network
or via CLI:
name.firewall.local> manager new hostlist


UTM v11.8.7 Login-User-en.png

  • User web interface: Port 443 (factory setting)

Setting in menu → Network →Appliance SettingsTab Appliance Settings
Box ╭╴Webserver╶╮ User Web Interface Port: 443Link=

Factory setting:
In order for the user interface to be displayed at all, must:

  • A user must be created
  • The user must be a member of a group that has the permission Userinterface (see User Management)
  • If the access is not from the internal network (zone internal) a firewall rule or an implicit rule is required → Firewall →Implicit Rules Section Vpn


Command Line Interface
Command overview here.


UTM v11.8.7 CLI-Webinterface-en.png

Open in the menu → Extras →CLI


UTM v11.8.7 CLI-SSH-Admin.png

Access as an administrator is also possible via SSH.
With the SSH client under Linux, the command ssh user@<IP address>

Further notes in the article about access with SSH is sufficient.

UTM v11.8.7 CLI-SSH-root.png

Users with root permission get directly to the Linux console of the UTM.
Call Command Line Interface with the command spcli.
Root permission is given to

Serial interface

The following settings must be used to use the serial interface:

  • 38400 baud (for CLI)
  • 115200 baud (for Bios)
  • 8 data bits
  • 1 stop bit
  • No parity/handshake

  • Starting the console
  • Determine the designation of the serial interface: dmesg | grep tty
  • Connection of the serial cable
  • Start minicom with sudo minicom
  • Configuration of the interface:
    • Str A O 2x (serial port settings) Enter
    • A Adapt name of the interface
    • E Adjust Bps / Par/Bit
    • D Adjust speed of the interface
    • W 1 Set stop bit
    • Q 8 data bits
    • Adjust further parameters if necessary
    • Enter (2x) Exit the menu
    • (5x) Enter Exit
  • The input field for login appears in the console.
    After successful login the CLI is available.

  • Connection type: Serial
  • Speed: 38400
  • Open
  • A temporary window opens for login.
    After successful login the CLI is available.