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Configured DHCPv6 pool

Setting up a DHCPv6 address pool

Last adaptation to the version: 12.1


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Previous versions:: 11.7


The DHCPv6 address pool setup is only slightly different from the DHCP setup with IPv4.

Basic knowledge of IPv6 can be found here.

UTM v12 Netzwerkschnittstelle bearbeiten IP-Adressen-en.png

Define IPv6 address on interface

First, an IPv6 address with subnet and the corresponding zones must be entered on the interface on which IPv6 is to be "spoken". This IP determines the range in which the DHCP pool is located:
Configuration at menu → Network →Network Configuration / edit Interfaces / Tab IP Addresses
An IP address can be entered directly in the click box, in this example »2001:DB8::1/64

Setting up the DHCP Pool

UTM v12 Netzwerkschnittstelle DHCP-Pool IPv6 Schritt1-en.png
The DHCPv6 address pool for this subnet is set up in the menu → Network →Network Configuration tab DHCP Pools.
The button Add Pool starts the wizard.
In step 1 a unique name for the pool, as well as the start and end address must be specified.
The name is freely selectable, pool start and end address are addresses from the previously defined subnet.
UTM v12 Netzwerkschnittstelle DHCP-Pool IPv6 Schritt2 Nameserver-en.png
In step 2, enter the IPv6 address of the name server. In this example the UTM: 2001:DB8::1
UTM v12 Netzwerkschnittstelle DHCP-Pool IPv6 Schritt3 Router-Advertisement-en.png
In step 3, Router Advertisement On must be enabled.

Finish the setup with the button Finish