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Connection of the UTM to a syslog server

Last adaptation to the version: 11.8


  • Selection of the protocol
  • Translation

In the menu → Network →Appliance SettingsTab Syslog the connection to a syslog server (syslogd) is configured.

UTM v11.8.8 Servereinstellungen Syslog-en.png
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Syslog settings

╭╴ Syslog settings ╶╮
Log the UTM hostname in the syslog messages: No In case of Yes activation the hostname is transmitted with
This setting is not compatible with the Securepoint Operation Center (SOC).


Add Syslog Server
IP / Hostname: syslog.ttt-point.de IP address or host name of the syslog server.

If more than one ip-address is assigned to the hostname while you are using Round Robin DNS, the syslog messages may be send to another server each time the service gets restarted. Additionally you won't be protected against DNS Spoofing anymore. Please make sure only one address is assigned to the hostname.

Port 514Link= Default port for syslog messages
Protocol udp Default protocol for syslog messages.
Alternatively tcp can be selected here.

Securepoint Operation Center (SOC)

Message in SOC

If a UTM is added as Node added in SOC, the data that must be entered here is displayed there.