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Sales and organizational requirements for the use of Securepoint AntiVirus Pro.

Last update 04.2019

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An account in the Resellerportal is required to create new customers and licenses.
In addition, the Reseller Portal provides access to the Antivirus Pro Portal Antivirus }. The AV-Portal can also be accessed directly. Authentication is also carried out via the Reseller Portal.


Licensing model

  • Securepoint Antivirus Pro is licensed per operating system.
  • A license contains one or more activations
  • One activation is used per AV Pro Client installation.
  • No distinction is made between hardware (bare metal) and virtual machines.
  • There is also no difference between client and server systems.
The devices are distinguished by a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), which is created automatically during installation.

When replacing hardware components, it should be checked whether the GUID has changed and if so a new device and thus a new installation is detected.

License type

Purchase license
  • The purchase license can currently be purchased for 1,2,3 or 5 years.
  • Prices and further information can be found in the Resellerportal or obtained from the sales department.
Managed Service Provider Programm (MSP)
  • Seit August 2017 bieten wir für unsere Partner das Managed Service Provider Programm an. ( MSP-Lizenz )
    Mit dem MSP Programm haben wir ein einfaches und verbrauchsbasiertes Lizenzsystem. Grundlage ist dabei die tatsächliche Anzahl von Installationen, die mit den MSP Lizenzen durchgeführt hat. Also ist für die Abrechnung nicht mehr die ausgestellte Lizenzgröße relevant, sondern die tatsächlich installierte Geräteanzahl.
    Jeder Kunde erhält eine Lizenz, mit einer unbegrenzten Anzahl an möglichen Aktivierungen.
  • Prices and further information can be found in the Resellerportal or via the sales department.
License examples

License examples

In the example for 'Westernhagen GmbH there are 4 Windows clients in the network. This means that a license with 4 activations is required so that all devices receive an activation and are protected.

At the 'TTT-Point AG there are 4 Windows clients, 50 Linux thin clients, 1 Windows domain controller and 1 Windows terminal server in the network, on which the 50 thin client users access. To protect the Windows devices, 6 activations (4 Windows Client and 2 Windows Server) are required.