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Installation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro via GPO Script and with Config-file

Last update: 09.2020


  • New parameter GROUPID
  • More accurate description of scenario 1
  • Syntax Change for Silent Installation Parameters


This article describes the setup for deploying Securepoint Antivirus Pro via Group Policy with configuration file. There are 2 scenarios.


Download Securepoint AntiVirus Pro

For the two scenarios, different versions of Securepoint Antivirus Pro are required

without license for scenario 1
In this case, the license information must either be entered directly on the device or transferred via script during the installation.

  • Login to the Resellerportal and download the current MSI from the download area

with license for scenario 2
In this case, the license information is already stored in the installation file.

  1. Login to the Reseller Portal
  2. Open the AV portal
  3. open   Licenses
  4. Download the MSI for the license you want to install

Creating a custom configuration file

Creating a custom configuration file
Av conf.png

  1. Basic installation of Securepoint AntiVirus Pro
  2. Make the desired settings on the client
  3. Save the configuration file

The configuration file is located in the installation directory under "conf". Only the guardx.conf is needed.

Release directory

A network directory is required to distribute the installer and the configuration file. For this a new shared folder or a folder in an existing NETLOGON share is created:

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. File/storage services
  3. Shared Folder
  4. Right click "New share" → Run through the wizard here

Here the authorizations must be considered compellingly so that the files are accessible later over the network path.

New organizational unit

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Open Group Policy Management under Tools
  3. Right click on the domain, then select "Create new organizational unit".

Erstellen und verknüpfen eines Gruppenrichtlinienobjektes

  1. Right click on the organizational unit
  2. Create and link a new Group Policy object there.

computer administration

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Under Tools →Active Directory → Open user and computer
  3. Under "Computers" select the devices on which the AV should be installed with CTRL + left clic
  4. Move and then select the new organizational unit.

The installation can only be carried out depending on the computer and not on the user, as this is the only way to ensure that the required authorizations apply.

Scenario 1: Installation via script with installation log

In this scenario, the AV Pro installation is started using a simple script. The benefit is that an installation log can be created, which can provide hints on why if the installation fails.

Creating the Installation Script

This script is an example script that has to be adapted individually!

Create an install.bat file with the following content:

@echo off
tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq guardxservice_x64.exe" | find /i "guardxservice_x64.exe" >nul && (
) || (
start /wait msiexec /l* "[Pfad\zur\Datei]\setuplog_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt" /i "[Pfad\zur\Datei]\SetupAV.msi" ACCEPTLICENSEAGREEMENT="yes" ACCEPTPRIVACYPOLICY="yes" TID="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" GROUPID="11111" CONFIG="[Pfad\zum\Ablageverzeichnis]\" /q

Parameter Description
/l* "[Path\to\file]\setuplog_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt" Creates an installation log with the Windows varriable of the computer name
/i "Path\to\file]\SetupAV.msi" Path to the installation file
/q Performs the installation in "Silent" mode
ACCEPTLICENSEAGREEMENT="yes" Accepting the Terms of License
ACCEPTPRIVACYPOLICY="yes" Bestätigung, das die Datenschutzbedingungen akzeptiert werden
TID="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" License
GROUPID="11111" New Assign the Client to a specific group during installation.
The GROUPID can be taken from the address line of the AV portal when the corresponding group is called or from the setup.conf of the installation ZIP archive.
CONFIG="[Path\to\the filing directory]\" The path to the storage location of the configuration file. The configuration file must be named guardx.conf.

Setting up the DC

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Under Tools → Open Group Policy Management
  3. Under Group Policy Objects, right-click and edit the created Group Policy object.
  4. Computer Configuration → Policies → Windows Settings → Scripts (Start/Shutdown) → Right-click Start → Properties
  5. Add → Browse → Select script

Scenario 2: Installation via software installation

Editing the MSI

Editing the MSI
Verzeichnis config.png

  1. Download SuperOrca
  2. Opening the downloaded MSI with SuperOrca
  3. Under Property at "CONFIG" enter the network path to the configuration file.
  4. Save as .msi

Setting up the DC

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Under Tools → Open Group Policy Management
  3. Under Group Policy Objects, right-click and edit the created Group Policy object.
  4. Computer Configuration → Guidelines → Software Settings → Right Click "New" → Package
  5. Select the edited MSI