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This Wiki article describes how to install Securepoint Antivirus Pro using the wizard installation.

The installation as Silent Installation with command line parameters is described in another article.

Last adaptation to the version: 3.2.10 (04.2020)


  • Reference to preconfigured license key


Administrator rights are required for the installation.

  • Download the software
    • in the reseller portal at https://my.securepoint.de/downloads/cat/11/
    • in Securepoint Antivirus Pro Portal in section Licenses
      Here the required license key is stored in the MSI file
    • Download the software from the Securepoint Antivirus Pro Portal in section Groups
      Here the required license key and other settings (scan type, frequency, set password, notifications, etc.) are taken from the   configuration profiles.


Securepoint Antivirus Pro Wizard
  1. The wizard is started by double-clicking the MSI installation file.
  2. The license terms must be read and accepted.
  3. The license key (also called TID) must be entered.
    If the MSI was pre-configured or executed with Config file, the license key is already preset automatically.
  4. The destination folder can be selected here.
    The default folder should not be changed.
  5. The installation can be started.
  6. The installation can be completed.