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| Shows wether the UTM is licensed or not}}


Description and Configuration of Unified Security Reporting for UTMs

New function up from August 2019


  • Branding for sent reports possible (from 1.4.8 11.2019)

Scope of Unified Security Reporting

Example report as pdf

The Securepoint Unified Security Threat Report can be used to visualize the security status of all devices and services. This applies to Securepoint NextGen UTM firewalls, Antivirus Pro and Mobile Security.

The report is structured as a simple traffic light display:

  • red means high risk
  • yellow means endangered
  • green means that all systems are OK

This visualization offers orientation and contains clear recommendations for action, with which the green status and thus the highest degree of security can be achieved again as quickly as possible. Overviews are available globally for all systems used, as well as in detail for the individual solutions.

  • Global Services
  • Individual services
  • Current risk assessments of the individual services (e.g. alerts, viruses, e-mail quarantine and user activities)
  • Devices, licenses, users
  • Traffic and security categories
  • Performance of the systems used
  • Risk assessments and recommendations for action

Administrative requirements


Unified Security Reporting is available for the following products:

  • UTM (Hardware and VM, from v11.8.4)
  • Antivirus Pro (Client and Server)
  • Mobile Security

Activation of licenses

RSP v3.13.4 Kunden Lizenzen.png

In order to use Unified Security Reporting, it is necessary to activate the desired licenses chargeable in the Resellerportal:In the tab
Lizenzen the Unified Reporting can be activated in the corresponing column with Aktivieren The subsequent contract must be accepted and signed with your personal password, and a indicates that this license has already been activated for USR.

Access configuration

The configuration takes place in the Securepoint Unified Security Portal under https://portal.securepoint.cloud


UTMs Overview

USR v1.4.7 Reporting UTMs-en.png
Caption Value Description
  model VM Display of the device type
 id 12345678-abcd-efgh-1234-123456789012 Unique device identification of the UTM
  Tenantdomain: 1234nn.sms


Caption Value Description
Name utm() Runs out on
Runs out on 2020-08-27 UTM License expires on this date
model VM UTM Model Type. This entry simplifies the assignment in the report and in the overview.
Tenantdomain: 1234nn.sms Tenant domain to which this license is assigned (and via which this is accessed)
Licensed    Zeigt, ob die UTM Lizensiert wurde.

Changes are accepted with   Save.


Reports Overview

USR v1.4.7 Reporting Berichte-en.png
Caption Value Description
 Type USR Type of report (Executive Summary Report)
  Theme: securepoint
 Period: Month, Week Frequency of the report
 Recipients: martin.mueller@ttt-point.de ,
These recipients can receive a mail with a download link for the report.
 Reports: 8 Reports: Displays an overview of the reports.
Use Send mail to resend an email with a link to the report to all recipients.

Reports Details

Caption Value Description
Report name USR Customizable name for this report
Type USR Report type USR (Unified Security Report) (fixed default)
Theme: Securepoint GmbH (fixed default)
Recipients: ✕ martin.mueller@ttt-point.de Select Recipients for this report.

Any recipient address can be entered via the keyboard.
If there is a license for Mobile Security, you can also select users created there at this point. An email with the subject "Unified Security Report Invitation" is sent to the recipient.

With a link in the mail the recipient can confirm that he is registered to receive a Unified Security Report (USR).
Only then reports will be sent to this address (opt-in).
The recipient can also remove himself from the list using the same link.

Recipients displayed in the overview:

martin.mueller@ttt-point.de Receipt of email has not yet been confirmed by recipient

martin.mueller@ttt-point.de Receipt of email was confirmed by the recipient

Period ×Month

Select the time period for this report

Selectable values in the click box: ×Month ×Week

Changes are accepted with   Save.



It is possible to customize the Unifeid Security Report with your own logo and colors.
Configure in menu User  Account Branding.

The following settings are necessary or possible:

Beschriftung Wert Beschreibung
Use branding    Defines wether these branding settings are used or not
Exclude client-reports     In the clickbox you can select customers whose reports should not be branded.
Logo  Change logo Picture for the cover sheet. Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg & png.
 Delete logo Removes the current logo
Text If you have any questions about this report, please feel free to contact our hotline.(Default) Text for the cover page (max 160 characters)
By clicking on the color area, a selection window opens in which the color of the bar under the header line is defined.
Logo  Change logo Logo for the header. Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg & png.
 Delete logo Removes the current logo
With a click on the color area a selection window opens with which the color of the bar above the footer can be defined.

C.a. 30-40 seconds after first time klicking   Save an additional button appears:  Download preview

You can  Generate a new Preview and  Download an existing (or just created) one.


Once a report has been created, the recipients of the report receive an email with the subject : »1234nn.sms: A Unified Security report has been created«
The first number ending in .sms is the tenant name for the account for which the report was created. In this mail there is a link to the report which can then be downloaded.
Example report as pdf