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Activate factory settings on the UTM

Last adaptation to the version: 11.7 07.2020


  • design adaptation
  • Translation

Previous versions: 11.6.11


The UTM can be reset to factory settings, which will delete all configurations and stored data. Once the device has been reset to factory settings, the data cannot be restored.

Reset to factory settings

The UTM can be reset via the web interface and via the command line interface.

Security check

Factory settings via the web interface

After logging into the administration interface of the firewall (factory default: the factory default function is located under → Configuration →Factory Settings
Then you have to confirm the reset to factory defaults.

If the UTM should really be reset, this dialog must be confirmed with Yes. Otherwise the process can be aborted with No

Factory settings via the CLI

The system can also be reset via the CLI. The CLI can be accessed directly via monitor/keyboard, serial console or SSH. There is no security query here. As soon as the command has been issued, the system is in its factory settings.
system config factorysettings