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Last adaptation to the version: 11.8


  • Design adaptation
  • Translation

Previous versions: -


In the administration settings, IP addresses of other internal or external networks can be defined which are to be released for the administration of the UTM.

In the factory settings, the web interface for administering the UTM only is accessible from the zone internal (the network behind the interface LAN2/eth1).


Configure administration

With Add IP/Network further hosts or networks are added.
The syntax for specifying networks is, as in the entire configuration of the UTM, always in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation:
It is also possible to specify a dynamic DNS name for the administration support.de.securepoint.de
The rule that is created in the background is always IP addresses based and is based on the resolution of the entered host name. To do this, the UTM performs a new resolution at regular intervals.

The release of host names for administration is not recommended in version <11.7.
The use of versions < 12.2 is not recommended !