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This article describes how to use Securepoint Antivirus Pro as an anti-virus plug-in for Microsoft® SharePoint®.

Last adaptation to the version: 06.2019

This function will not applicable in future versions (>3.3.32)

The SharePoint® Plugin

Securepoint Antivirus Pro can be used as an anti-virus plug-in for Microsoft® SharePoint®.
The protection includes two components:

  • Files are scanned during the upload to the server, and the upload is blocked if a virus is found.
  • Files are scanned from the server during the download, and the download is blocked if a virus is found.

The plugin is controlled via the Microsoft® SharePoint® administration interface.
Please note that the option "Attempt to clean infected documents" is not supported by Securepoint Antivirus Pro and therefore remains ineffective in any case.
This Securepoint Antivirus Pro plugin requires SharePoint® Server version 2007 or higher and a 64-bit operating system.


The installation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro must be performed as described in our Wiki articles.
Additional instructions:

  • Securepoint Antivirus Pro automatically detects an installed SharePoint® Server.

  • The Microsoft IIS service must be restarted after installation / deinstallation to complete the registration of the plugin.

  • The installation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro is only successful if no other anti-virus software with SharePoint® support has already been installed on the server.

  • No further configuration is required for the client computers that connect to the SharePoint® server.

How it works

In the default settings of SharePoint® and Securepoint Antivirus Pro, each uploaded or downloaded file is scanned for viruses. If the scan result is negative (i.e. no virus found), the end user does not recognize this process on his client computer and can continue his work undisturbed.
If a virus is found by Securepoint Antivirus Pro, the current action is stopped and the user is informed via a dialog window in the web browser.

If unexpected problems occur, the upload and download will be stopped completely for security reasons.

For the end user on the client computer, this problem results in the following error message: "Installed virus scanner is currently unavailable. If the problem persists, contact your administrator."

AVC v2.14.98 Guard1-en.png

If all security settings are active, the green icon and the text "Your system is configuration is safe" will indicate this.

AVC v2.14.98 Guard2-en.png

If one or more security settings are inactive, this is indicated by the yellow icon and the text "Your system configuration is only partially safe".

AVC v2.14.98 Guard3-en.png

If all security settings are inactive, the red symbol and the text "Warning! Your system configuration is not safe".
Only if all options are selected and activated, Securepoint Antivirus Pro offers the highest possible virus protection!