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Description of the Securepoint Antivirus Pro Client, the individual functions, as well as the displayed icons and messages.

Last adaptation to the version: 3.2.20 12.2020


The Client


AVC v3.2.20 Guard-en.PNG

The Guard is the watchdog program of Securepoint Antivirus Pro. Activating all checkboxes offers the greatest possible protection against malware. If necessary, the virus protection settings can be adjusted and one or more of the checkboxes can be deactivated.

AVC v2.14.98 Guard1-en.png

If all security settings are active, the green icon and the text "Your system is configuration is safe" will indicate this.

AVC v2.14.98 Guard2-en.png

If one or more security settings are inactive, this is indicated by the yellow icon and the text "Your system configuration is only partially safe".

AVC v2.14.98 Guard3-en.png

If all security settings are inactive, the red symbol and the text "Warning! Your system configuration is not safe".
Only if all options are selected and activated, Securepoint Antivirus Pro offers the highest possible virus protection!

The footer on the right shows whether the client is connected to the backend.


AVC v2.14.98 Scan.png

In addition to real-time on-access scanning, Antivirus Pro also has the ability to run manual and scheduled scans (on-demand scans) on individual files, folders or the entire system. The scans can be automated and can also be repeated. By default, the Securepoint Antivirus Pro has four scan profiles, which can scan the different areas of the computer.

Preset scans are:

  • System partition (default C:)
  • Complete computer
  • Removable disk (All used drives )

Securepoint Antivirus Pro must be installed on the server so that shares and file servers can be scanned.

Custom scan profiles can be added and configured to run automatically at the desired time.

AVC 2.14.98 Scan-Virus-Fund.png

If an automatic or individual scan has been started and a virus is found, it looks like this:

  • The yellow icon AVPro 2-14-9 tray2.png of Securepoint Antivirus Pro is displayed in the taskbar and a warning is displayed in the viewport.
  • The message "X possible threats found" appears in the scan window during and after the virus scan.
  • The quarantine window opens automatically when Securepoint Antivirus Pro has finished scanning.

Files in quarantine
Emails in quarantine

A file detected by Securepoint Antivirus Pro as malicious is blocked so that it is no longer executed and can be accessed by other programs. The file remains in the found folder. However, the virus can no longer cause any damage to the PC from this point on.

Securepoint Antivirus Pro's quarantine offers several ways to deal with the virus or infected file. Securepoint Antivirus Pro also recommends which action to take in each case.

Possible actions are:
Clear List Removes inactive list entries
Purge System Cleans up the entire quarantine and removes the files after making a backup copy.
Ignore Unblock the file until reboot
Delete Delete file without making a backup
Backup and Delete Delete file after making a backup
Perform Suggestions Performs suggested action for all files in quarantine

All files identified as malware are listed in the quarantine list. Further information and the possibility to send in selected files for scanning is possible by right-clicking.

  • Black entries means that a virus is in quarantine and no action has been taken yet.
  • Gray entries means that a virus has been deleted or backed up. These entries can be removed at any time by clicking on "Clean list".
  • Email content or email attachments captured by the Outlook plugin are deleted and are listed in a separate tab. They can be restored if desired.
    Not applicable in future versions (>3.3.32)


AVC 3.0.18 Update.png

Only up-to-date virus protection is reliable protection against viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans! Securepoint Antivirus Pro has an automatic update. The client checks every 20 minutes whether a new update is available.

A distinction is made between client and virus database updates. Virus database updates guarantee that new malware is also detected. Securepoint Antivirus Pro Updates are program updates to make new programs or new features accessible.

The Update Now button can be used to force an update.

Symbols and messages

Symbols in the Client

The footer on the right shows whether the client is connected to the backend.

Symbol Meaning
red circle with cross
red circle with cross

The client has no connection to the backend.
No status messages can be sent to the portal.
green connector
green connector

Connection to backend is established.
Flashing: Connection to backend in progress.

Icon in the taskbar

Symbol Meaning
AVPro Symbol01.jpg The default icon is located in the lower right corner of the task bar of the PC.
AVPro Meldung04.jpg

By simply clicking on the symbol, the neighboring window appears.

Double-clicking on the icon automatically opens the Securepoint Antivirus Pro configuration screen.

AVPro Symbol02.jpg In this example, part of the Guard, i.e. part of the checking, has been disabled.

The display of the icon in the taskbar changes depending on the status:

Symbol Meaning
AVPro 2-14-9 tray1.png The icon indicates that Securepoint Antivirus Pro is enabled and monitoring the PC.
AVPro 2-14-9 tray2.png The icon indicates that one of the Scan, Update or Guard areas does not comply with the high security policies of Securepoint Antivirus Pro.
AVPro 2-14-9 tray5.png The icon indicates that one of the sections Scan, Update or Guard does not comply with the high security policies of Securepoint Antivirus Pro.
AVPro 2-14-9 tray6.png The icon indicates that Securepoint Antivirus Pro is being updated.
AVPro 2-14-9 tray7.png The symbol indicates that a virus has been found.


Message Meaning
AVPro Symbol05.png When receiving an infected email, Securepoint Antivirus Pro detects the infected file. A window opens in which Securepoint Antivirus Pro displays that a virus has been found, moved to the quarantine directory and removed from the mail. Not applicable in future versions (>3.3.32)
AVPro Meldung06.png The red icon of Securepoint Antivirus Pro, in the task bar, indicates a virus discovery.
AVPro Meldung07.png If a virus is detected, this content is displayed in the e-mail. Not applicable in future versions (>3.3.32)
AVPro Meldung08.png In the Securepoint Antivirus Pro view window, the virus detection is displayed with a red bar and warning in the scan window.
Log file: C:\Program Files\Securepoint Antivirus Pro\log\guardx.log The Guardx log displays the user name and device name.
(\\?\Volume{e2c63d65-0000-0000-0000-602200000000}\Windows\explorer.exe,user@device-name,0) file scanned (on-access) C:\Users\Benutzer\AppData\Local\Temp\VHzPXEyj.com.part - SIGNATURE FOUND EICAR-Test-File (462103)