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License menu

Licenses in the Mobile Security Portal


  • Note for licence change after end of term

Last adaption: 03.2021 (Portalversion 1.5.5)

The menu  account /   Licenses displays all available licenses.

The note USR active indicates that devices with this license are listed in the Securepoint Unified Security Report (USR).

Licence types

The following license types are available:

License type Description
Mobile Security - Device Protection Mobile Device Management with device security through security functions of a NextGen UTM with vpn

If a device with an MDM license is added to a profile, the Security tab is disabled. All devices that are already linked to this profile also have no access to the security functions (VPN, content filter, etc.)

Fehler: Zeichenkette überschreitet Zeichenlimit von 1.000 Fehler: Zeichenkette überschreitet Zeichenlimit von 1.000

MDM Mobile Device Management (without device protection by e.g. Cyber Defence Cloud, vpn)
Devices with an MDM license do not have access to the functions in the security tab of the   Profiles configuration.

Softwarev11 Securepoint NextGen UTM (for Unified Reporting)
Securepoint AV Securepoint Antivirus Pro (for Unified Reporting)

Performance overview


Funktion MDM-Lizenz Mobile Security Lizenz
Google Android Enterprise incl. Work-Container
Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) and VPP (Volume Purchase Program)
Settings and restrictions as profile (profile restrictions)
App Audit/Installation - Install, Delete and Block Applications
Mail and WiFi management
Remotely control mobile devices
Define device settings such as camera, passwords, drive encryption, etc.
Find, lock and delete lost devices
Central administration via the web interface
Completely hosted and maintained by Securepoint
Secure Internet traffic even in public and free WiFis -
Control over websites (+SSL) and services (web security) -
Independent of provider
Zero Hour Protection – Malware (incl. Cryptotrojan), Drive-by-Downloads, Phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats -
Access points georedundant and guaranteed in Germany -
Device independent protection (TCP/IP) -
Evaluation and reporting incl. pseudonymisation (EU DS-GVO compliant) -
Protects smartphones, tablets and notebooks -
True protection for iOS and Android devices -

Assign / change licence manually

Assign devices

If no license is assigned to a device (e.g. because the term of a license has ended), or if the license shall be changed, this device can be assigned to a (different) license:

  • Selection of the license tile to be used
  • Tab Assignment
  • The desired device can be assigned in the click box: » Device
  • Devices with an active MDM license can be assigned to a Mobile Security license

  • Devices with a Mobile Security License can not be assigned to a MDM License during the term of a licence for compatibility reasons.

  • After the expiration of a Mobile Security licence devices can be assigned to an MDM licence.