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Connection of the Mobile Security Portal with the Apple DEP

Last adaption: 07.2020

  • Devices can be assigned to an MDM with the help of the Device Enrollment Program
  • DEP is a prerequisite for rolling out centrally purchased and licensed software to devices via VPP (Volume Purchase Program).


The following requirements are necessary:

MSP v1.5.3 Infos DEP-Token-en.png

Establish connection to DEP (Device Enrollment Program)

The connection is done in three steps at  account /  Infos / Apple DEP-Token Update
1. download the Apple push certificate (*.pem file)
2. upload this certificate in the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager menu Settings

  •  ABM: If no corresponding MDM server has been created yet:
  •  <ABM: Menu Settings/ Organization Settings / 30px Device Management Settings / 30px] Add MDM server
  •  ABM: MDM Server Name Unique name
  •  ABM: MDM Server Settings Select File: Upload the .*.pem file previously downloaded from the Securepoint Mobile Security Portal and Secure
  •  <ABM: Selection of the corresponding MDM Server 30px ttt-point-mdm-Server-123456.sms
  •  <ABM: Download the dep token ABM Token Icon.PNG Load token (*.p7m file) in the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager in the menu

3. upload the *.p7m file in the dial window opened under point 1 in the Securepoint Mobile Security Portal. Finish with  Done

DEP-Tokens do not have an expiry date and do not have to be renewed