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Description of license management for Securepoint Antivirus Pro

Last adaptation to the version: 3.2.34 (04.2020)


Introductory remarks

In the license overview you can manage the licenses and download the installation file. Within the license the devices are displayed which were installed with the license key.

A license can only be assigned to one group.

Overview of licenses

Overview of licenses

In the license management all existing licenses are displayed. The license information can be updated manually and the MSI can be downloaded.

Restrict the selection
 Search Displays only licenses that match the search text.
applies to License Name and Customer.

Export table Exports the table with the licence overview into a xlsx file which can be downloaded afterwards via a displayed link.
Table settings Leads to the tab Table Settings in the User Preferences.
Here you can select the columns to be displayed for the tables Devices and Licenses.
Opens a box with filter settings:
Display Entries 25 Number of entries per page (10, 25, 50, 100)
Hide expired licenses: Expired licenses are hidden on activation.
Actions per license
Show devices Displays the license information with the associated devices.
Update licence Updates the displayed information about the selected license
Donwload MSI Downloads an installation file that (in case of) already contains the license key.
You can choose between a 64bit and 32bit version.
The following formats are available:
Architecture 64bit
Group New TTT-Point AG- Lueneburg Specification of the group. In the configuration, the membership to the selected group is defined. If there are additional subgroups, they can be selected here.
Download type ZIP archive with config file
Config file
MSI (preconfigured)
MSI (original / unconfigured)
Copy to clipboard Copies the license key to the clipboard

License information

  License information
Overview of license information

Detailed information about the licenses.

Caption Description
Name of licence Can be changed individually with .
License key 0123acde-.... copies the license key to the clipboard
Expiration date Expiration date announcement
Activations 11/50 Shows how many activations have already taken place and how many are available in total.
Customer Customer to whom this license is assigned. Links to the Customers in the Reseller Portal
Group Displays the group to which the license is linked. Links to the corresponding entry under Groups

Actions Description
Update license
Displays the Actionlog for this license.
Download a preconfigured MSI file.
In the   Configuration profiles section, you can make extensive default settings (scan type, frequency, set password, notifications, etc.). These profiles are assigned to groups.
The assignment to subgroups must be made manually.

If a group is not associated with any configuration profile, the MSI will only be downloaded with accepted license agreements and the license key.



Notify at 123 Number of activations at which a notification is to be sent.

Recipients Recipients Specify an existing user or email address for notifications. If a free e-mail address is specified, this must be verified by the recipient.

AVP v2-3 Lizenz Einstellungen Benachrichtigung-Verifiziert-en.png



Comment text Free text can be entered in a comment field

Save the text.

Once saved, comments cannot be changed afterwards!
All saved comments are displayed below the input field.


The Devices section displays information about the devices associated with this license:

Restrict the selection:
 Search Displays only devices that match the search text.
Not applied to: Operating system and status.

Opens a box with filter settings:
Display Entries 25 Number of entries per page (10, 25, 50, 100)
Status filter: Displays only entries with the selected status (see below).

Allows different actions with the selected devices

  Move Moves devices to a new group. If the group is no longer part of the installed license, the license affiliation is also changed.

  Activate Enables Securepoint Antivirus Pro on the device

  Deactivating Disables Securepoint Antivirus Pro on the device

  Delete Deletes the device from the device management.

Nur möglich, wenn das Gerät vorher deaktiviert wurde!

 Only possible if the device has been deactivated before!

Caption Description
Hostname As stored in the operating system of the device. Links directly to Device Information.
Own description As stored in the Device Information (freely definable).
Group Group to which the device belongs. Links directly to Group Settings.
IP address IP address of the device.
Domain Domain name, if device is a member.
Operating System Operating system of the device.
Infections Number of reported (and untreated) infections since last contact.

Category Status Information text Filter Info Recommendation for action
Device status 10 The device is up-to-date - - -
20 The device has not answered for x days unknown The device is either no longer available or no connection to the backend can be established. Check the device.
30 x threats found threatened Threats were found on the device. Check your device and threats.
20 Version x is not current obsolete The device has a connection to the backend, but not the latest version. Check your device and updates.

The client does not have a sufficient security status - The system protection and/or updates are not enabled Check the machine and client settings.
40 The client was deactivated on date deactivated The device has been deactivated via the AV portal. The licence has been removed from the unit. -
20 The operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, updates may no longer be available EOL The operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, updates may no longer be available Upgrade or change the operating system.
Device statusX 15
Setting status 10 The settings were applied on date - - -
20 The settings of the device do not match the settings of the configuration profile Settings incomplete The machine does not have the settings from the configuration profile. Check the device and transmit the configuration.
30 The group assigned to the device has no configuration profile Configuration profile missing The group assigned to the device has no configuration profile Assign the configuration profile to the group.
40 The machine does not support remote settings, the client is out of date - The device has a client version < 30.x and cannot connect to the backend Check your device and updates.
Setting statusX 25
Other 50 The host name is used by multiple clients within one license. Review The host name of the machine is in multiple use. Check the device and host name.
50 The notifications have been muted. muted All notifications for the device have been muted. -
50 The notifications were partially muted. partly muted Notifications for the device were partially muted. -
OtherX 35