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Integration of Office 365

Last adaptation to the version:3.0.2

Previous versions: 2.5.7


The UMA operates in HUB mode and in this case retrieves the emails from a collective account.
While many email providers only support this function for incoming emails, Office 365 also allows outgoing mails to be copied to the collective mailbox using a so-called journal rule.

This article shows how to set up the Office 365 Administration Portal in the UMA.

User Administration

Connection to an Active Directory (recommended)

If an Active Directory is available, it is recommended to integrate the Office 365 environment into the local environment. Integration synchronizes users and email settings between Office 365 and the Active Directory. This facilitates the administration of all systems and increases the comfort for the user.

This is the only way to archive public folders and shared mailboxes as public folders!

Local Users

If no Active Directory is available, the users can be managed locally on the UMA.

Only private archives can be created and not public ones.

For example, if an info@ address exists, this address must be assigned to a user. This also consumes a User-License in Securepoint UMA.
The release of this archive for other users is not possible.


Journal Rule.jpg

Journal rule in Office 365

  1. Login to the Office portal.
  2. Connect to the admin portal.
  3. In the menu bar on the left side of the screen under "Admin Center" the shortcut "Exchange" is called up.
  4. In the Exchange Admin Center, select "Compliance Management from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  5. In the "'Journal Rules" tab, a journal rule can then be added via the + button.

Attention: It is not possible to use an email domain that is managed by Office 365.

caption: value: Description:
Journal Reports send to: B20201332.123abc@archiv.securepoint.cloud Copies of incoming and outgoing emails will be sent to this address. The UMA queries this email account and archives it.
Name: UMA Archiving User-defined, meaningful rule name
When sending/receiving the message to/from (Apply to all messages)
Record the following messages in the Journal All News For a correct configuration, all messages must be recorded!

After a click on Save the rule is active and a copy of every incoming and outgoing email is sent to the entered email address.

Just created journal rule

An address for undeliverable journal reports must also be provided. The email address you enter here must be within the Office365 domain and no rules of any kind must be applied to the account's inbox!

Email account in the UMA

Configuration in UMA

This mailbox is then entered in the UMA.
The configuration is done in the menu System Settings/ email Server

Remote email accounts receive all journal emails from a mail server.
This usually includes several individual user email accounts.
The remote email accounts must be created in the Mail Server as journal accounts, so that all associated mails (outgoing and incoming mails of the mail server) can be received here.

Archiving only takes place if the following settings have been made under System Settings / email Accounts users with a corresponding email address can be created.

account details:

caption: value: Description:
Name: Journal Account Freely selectable name
Servername: imap.mailsever.anyideas.de Mail server that hosts the journal address.
Protocol: IMAP used protocol
Username: tttpointcloud User name for the Journal-emai account
Password: ••••• Password for the journal email account
Leave emails on the server Should only be activated temporarily for testing purposes , otherwise the mailbox will sooner or later reach its capacity limit.
SSL: Requires an SSL connection on activation
Max. email size disabled A size can be defined up to which the email is archived
email Header Evaluation: Enable MS Journal-Envelope autodetection
The recognition of the header entries "MS journal envelope" enables the UMA BCC recipient to recognize in the Exchange-own header and assign it to a user account. BCC recipients are not in the original mail header
Disable MS Journal-Envelope autodetection Uses the original header of the email to assign it to a user account
X-Envelope-To Uses only the X-Envelope-To entry from the original header of the email to assign it to a user account
X-Original-To Uses only the X-Original-To entry from the original header of the email to assign it to a user account
Delivered-To Uses only the Delivered-To entry from the original header of the email to assign it to a user account
Custom Recipient Header A custom defined header part to be evaluated.
Example: envelope-from

The Office 365 specific configuration is now complete.

The users must also be created or the UMA must be connected to an Active Directory. The setup is described in [[Administration-Center_Webinterface_UMA2.0#Konten [this Wiki]].