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Last adaptation to the version: 11.7


  • Funktions- und Designanpassung
  • Übersetzung

Previous versions: 11.6.11


Required is the setup of an SSL-VPN Roadwarrior on the Securepoint Firewall as described in the already existing SSL-VPN Roadwarrior-Wiki.

SSL VPN Configuration on iMac

For macOS there is the program Tunnelblick, which can take over the configuration files and certificates from the previous step unchanged. After the installation of Tunnelblick the configuration file of the SSL-VPN client must be downloaded either from the user interface or from the admin interface. This ZIP archive contains a .tblk file, which can be imported directly into Tunnelblick.

Establishing the connection

SSL VPN connection with Tunnelblick

Now the connection can be established by clicking on the Tunnelblick icon next to the clock.

Input of the credentials

After entering the credentials, the tunnel can then be used.

  • Even if user authentication is disabled on the server side, the client will still ask for credentials.
    Any user name and password must be entered then.